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  • Welcome to Regents Chemistry and start preparing yourself for an intellectual scientific good time.
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  • Regents Chemistry Course Guidelines

    Mr. Johnson

    Allegany Limestone CSD


    Regents Chemistry

    This class will be based on the New York State Regents Chemistry Curriculum (available online at www.nysed.gov).  Chemistry itself is defined as the study of matter, but the focus of this course is teaching students to explain macroscopic topics based on events at the microscopic level.  We will focus on the behavior of particles in everyday substances, and how particle behavior gives substances their physical and chemical properties.

                This class meets every day with a lab scheduled every other day throughout the week.  Lab classes will be used for lab work, Regents based assessments, Regents review, class work, and group work activities.


                Students in my classroom are expected to abide by a few basic rules that will encourage success for all students.  This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of rules, rather a guideline for classroom behaviors.

    • Show RESPECT for teachers, students, and self.

    • Be POLITE while others are speaking.

    • Be PREPARED for class.

    • Do your HOMEWORK.  Homework is assigned almost every night even if it is not graded.  Castle Learning assignments are to be completed Thursday nights and due for a grade, while Friday Review Sheets are picked up on Friday and to be turned in and graded on the following Friday. 

    • Be RESPONSIBLE.  Any instances of academic dishonesty will be dealt with according to the ALC student handbook.  Parents of all students involved will be contacted.

    • PAY ATTENTION in class.  There are times when we might move quickly through new information, and I need all of you to be with me!

    • ASK QUESTIONS!  If something doesn’t make sense to you, please ask me to explain it further.  I can’t help you, if I don’t know you need help.

    • WORK HARD!  Chemistry is a very different course from Biology or Earth Science, and requires a different type of learning style.  Even if Biology or Earth Science was very easy for you, Chemistry will require you to work harder or in a different way.

    • COME SEE ME IF YOU NEED HELP.  I will be available to you before and after school, as well as during any free periods.  I AM HERE TO HELP YOU SUCCEED AND REACH YOUR GOAL.


    1. First violation will be a verbal warning. 

    2. Second violation student will be moved to a new seat.

    3. A third violation doesn’t happen because you are in an advanced science class and should be acting like an adult.



      Points will be earned, not given, for labs, tests, and homework.  Additional points may be awarded through bonuses distributed by the teacher at my discretion.

                                     Tests = 70%                           Labs = 15%                            Homework = 15%



                  3 inch 3-ring binder

                  Scientific Calculator

                  #2 pencil or pens

                  Loose-leaf paper, mainly scrap pieces

      Optional: Flash cards-Index Cards 3x5 or 4x6, 100ct



                  Chemistry: The study of Matter 4th Ed.



                  Homework could be assigned on a nightly basis for a possible grade.  Graded homework will be collected every Wednesday (Castle Learning) and Friday (Review Sheets). It will take approximately 10 min. each night assigned.  You are expected to complete homework to introduce new concepts, or to reinforce what has already been learned.  Students who are unprepared will be penalized with a zero, however the assignment must be finished.  If any assignment is late or missing, plan on getting help during activity period ASAP.



                  Quizzes will typically contain 5 questions and distributed every Wednesday at the start of class.  For each quarter the lowest 2 quiz grades will be discarded.  If any student misses a quiz they have the option of taking the quiz immediately when they return to school or choose not to take it and have it discarded as 1 of the 2 lowest quiz grade.

                  Test will typically contain 20 M.C. questions and 10 C.R.Q.’s. They will be given every 2-3 weeks based on the unit covered.  Every test counts for your overall grade with no test being discarded.  I may choose to add bonus points when earned from review games or from bonus questions on the test.



                  You are REQUIRED by the New York State Board of Regents to complete 1200 minutes of laboratory experiences with sufficient lab reports.  To fulfill these requirements, you will complete labs throughout the year.  You will not be able to take the Regents Exam in June unless these requirements have been fulfilled. 

                  All students will read and sign a laboratory safety contract.  Students are expected to behave in a safe and mature manner while in the laboratory.  No behavior will be tolerated if it is unsafe to the student, peers, or teacher.  This decision will be made at the teachers discretion.

                  Lab reports are tentatively due within one week of the completion of the activity, as assigned by the instructor.  All labs must be made up in a timely fashion outside of class time.  Opportunities will be available for 10th Period lab make-ups, however it is your responsibility to make arrangements to stay.  Four lab reports should be typed each quarter or whenever possible.  If lab reports are handwritten, only what is legible will be graded for credit.  Graphs and data tables should also be computer generated.  I will be happy to assist you with the technical end of things should you need help.


                  Students should select a study partner to get them extra copies of handouts that are received on days absent.  You will be given an extra day to complete assignments for each day you are absent.  Work that was handed in on days you are absent should be handed in immediately upon your return for full credit.  Please see me to make up labs as soon as possible after your return.



      Expectations for Teacher

    • To ensure that each student receives the highest quality of education possible

    • To recognize various learning styles, challenges, and differences

    • To create lifelong learners who understand the importance of an education


      Expectations for Parents/Guardians

    • To create a supportive and encouraging environment at home

    • To be aware of your childs accomplishments and hard work

    • To contact me if you have any questions or concerns



                  One of my personal teaching philosophies is to give every student, every possible chance of success.  I believe if the teacher, student, and parents work together, success will be the only outcome.  To teach your child is a great honor and privilege of mine.  Im looking forward to having a fun and exciting year as I get to know you and your child.  Please contact me with any questions regarding the class, your child, or myself.  Any questions regarding attendance or grades can be looked up using the schools website under PowerSchool-Parent.  However all other questions can reach me through my email, rjohnson@alli.wnyric.org, or by leaving a brief message on my answering machine, (716)-375-6600 ext. 2238. Either way please notify me if I can help your child succeed in any way possible.




      Ronald Johnson