• Psychology at a Glance

    Psyche – the human mind or spirit            -ology – a branch of science or knowledge


                   The science of the human mind and spirit  


    School Psychology
                   The science or study of the minds and spirits of those in schools.


                    School is a place to learn, to grow, to explore.  It’s a network of individuals with personal goals.  Although these goals may differ widely, they are hopefully similar in the way that they motivate us to action and to do what must be done.


                      A school psychologist can help you discover your motivation, assist you in establishing goals, and work with you to help remove any roadblocks that might be hindering you. 
    If you are struggling in any area of school life, be it academics, social functioning, behavioral control, anger management,  the school psychologist  should be one person that you can look to for help.



    You can find Mr. Decker in the guidance office of the Middle School/High School

    3131 Five Mile Road 
    Allegany, NY 14706
    (716) 375-6600 x 2109