Class Dojo: This year I will be using the computer program, Class Dojo, for our behavior management plan. It is a computer application where each child has his/her own avatar and allows for tracking of student behavior, both positive and negative. The teacher awards positive and negative points to the student’s avatar for the student’s behavior, effort, and for following or not following procedures. Parents receive reports to see exactly how their child’s behavior is, where they are doing well, and where they need to improve. In other words it is “data” on behavior. The first week of school you will be receiving information on how to sign up to receive this information electronically. I will be reviewing with the class the attached list of examples of things for which they will receive and lose dojo points. We may edit our list of positive and negative behaviors as we go. Please note that negative points will be given when students do not follow classroom procedures. I will give students a couple weeks to learn our procedures before giving any negative points.



    Rewards: Dojo points may be turned in for a trip to our classroom prize drawers. I will also be awarding students who achieve a certain percentage of positive points each month. Students who attain this percentage will be considered “Dojo Scholars” and will receive additional recognition. This year’s incentive will be rocks and minerals. Our motto for the year is “THIRD GRADE ROCKS!” Students will be receiving a small bag to collect the rocks and minerals they receive all year. There will be opportunities to collect minerals for math challenges as well.


    Code of Conduct: In addition, please take time to go over the Allegany-Limestone Code of Conduct with your child. It will come home with your child the first week of school. A copy can also be picked up in the main office.























    Students will receive positive dojo points for:


    1. Being on task.
    2. Helping others.
    3. Good hall behavior. (straight silent line)
    4. Good participation.
    5. Being responsible with their classroom job.  
    6. Earning a compliment from another teacher or adult.
    7. Working hard.
    8. Good SLANT. (Sit up, listen, ask and answer questions, nod your head, track the speaker.)



    Students will receive negative dojo points for:

    1. Agenda not signed.
    2. Being disrepsectful.
    3. Not keeping hands and feet to his/herself.
    4. Not completing homework.
    5. Not following directions.
    6. Not following procedures. (leaving lunch/snack in locker)
    7. Being off task.
    8. Anything that contradicts our classroom agreement, that we will write together.


    Note: These are a work-in-process and may change as the year progresses.