• Middle-High School Library Policies

    Library Procedures:

    1. The library will be open from 7:25-3:00 daily. Contact the library if additional time is needed.
    2. Students coming to the library from a study hall must bring a library passed signed by their teacher and work to do.
    3. Students must sign in and out at the circulation desk. They must also have a pass signed before leaving the library for any reason.
    4. Only two students can be out of the library at a time.
    5. Students should sit at the tables in the library (four to a table) unless approved by the librarian.
    6. If a student is coming in to take a test, they must sign in with the librarian and notify the librarian they are taking a test. Belongings will be placed behind the circulation desk until the test has been completed.
    7. Students should be respectful of the environment.
      1. Walk in the library.
      2. Use quiet voices.
      3. Backpacks are not allowed in the library.
      4. No food or beverages in the library unless approved by the librarian.
      5. Respect the library including its patrons, furniture, books, computers, etc.
      6. Clean up and push in the chairs before leaving the library.
    8. If the library is closed, a sign will be placed on the door with the period(s) the library is closed. An announcement and/or email will be made to inform students/teachers of the closing.


    1. Students are able to check out three items at a time. Only one magazine is allowed to be checked out per student.
    2. Books are checked out for two weeks; magazines and reference materials for one night.
    3. Books must be returned in the book return slot at the circulation desk by their due date. Students may come in to renew their library books (See below).
    4. eBooks and Audiobooks may be found on Overdrive and checked out for a period of two to three weeks. A link to Overdrive can be found on the library’s website.
    5. The Olean Times Herald and Buffalo News are available to read in the library.
    6. Take care of all materials that are checked out of the library!!


    Students may request a hold be placed on an item that has been checked out to another individual. When the item is returned, a notice will be sent to the students’ homeroom notifying the student of the item’s arrival. A student will have one week to pick up the reserved item.


    Students can renew books for an additional week and magazines or reference materials for an additional night.


    1. Overdues will be sent out weekly to students’ homeroom teachers.
    2. Students must return or renew the book.
    3. After the fourth notice, the student will be contacted individually by the librarian and/or an overdue letter will be sent home.
    4. Borrowing privileges will be suspended until the overdue item is returned.

    Interlibrary Loans:

    1. Students are able to check out books from other schools in Western New York if a copy of the book is not found in the Middle-High School Library.
    2. Students and teachers must contact the librarian with any requests and fill out an ILL Request form. If a deadline for the book is needed, please request a copy of the item two weeks ahead of time to ensure the item can be obtained.
    3. When the item has arrived, students will receive a ILL Hold slip in their homerooms notifying them of the arrival. Students will have one week to pick up the item. Teachers will receive an email notifying them of the items’ arrival.
    4. Materials should be returned by the due date.

    Computers, Laptops, and Printers:

    1. Laptops from the laptop cart must be checked out to the individual borrowing the laptop at the circulation desk and returned before the end of the day.
    2. Students will print to HMS Library Student printer when they are in the library.
    3. Laptops and computers will only be used for educational purposes.